What Is The Best Desk Lamp For Eyes?

If you are a fan of period dramas like me, you will be accustomed to the scene of a clerk writing with the light of a candle. I don’t know if you have tried doing this but the eyes feel strained pretty quickly. So thankfully we have electric light bulbs to illuminate our work and living areas now. There have been some advancements recently with lighting and in this post I want to share what is the best desk lamp for eyes. Those that are really ‘eye friendly’ so you can work without that usual eye fatigue after working at your desk for some time. As I say a lot in this website, it is foundational for eyesight maintenance and improvement that you keep your eyes relaxed and free of strain at all times. Click here to read my post on avoiding computer eye strain for example. A good desk lamp will really assist you with this as well. So What is the best desk lamp for eyes? Read on to find out!

What Do The Eyes Need?

I set out below the criteria I used to decide what makes the best desk lamp for eyes:

1. Glare And Flicker Free Illumination

It has got to provide a soft and constant light that is not hard on the eyes. I don’t know which is worse: a very dim light or a light with such a glare that you feel you need sunglasses to shield your eyes from.

2. Brightness and Color Adjustment

Out of the two, I prioritize brightness over color adjustment. Sometimes when you have clocked up the hours in front of the screen, you need to soften the light a little more. A subtle change in the color of the light may also assist with this. So color adjustment, while not essential, is a nice addition. As you will see from the reviews below, the changes in color do not vary wildly. We are talking about a change from soft white to ‘daylight’ for example. But these slight changes may assist you greatly in avoiding eye strain which in turn may have an effect on your eyesight.

3. Ability To Maneuver The Light

It can be very frustrating if you have a lamp but you can not position the light where you want it to shine. As a result it may be left shining into your face rather than, say, you screen. After a while this is only going to result in eye strain and fatigue.

So with these criteria in mind, I list below what I believe are the best desk lamp for eyes are.

Oh, and one more thing…

I’m sure that you are also interested in the style, sturdiness and cost for these lamps. In my choices I have kept these in mind (well, my idea of a stylish lamp may be very different from yours). But what has informed my choice the most are the three criteria above.

TaoTronics TT-DL16 LED Desk Lamp



This is a great lamp. It provides glare free lighting from its large lamp head.

It has 6 brightness levels and 5 color modes. So plenty of choice to provide you with the right lighting for what your eyes require at any given time. The color modes are: warm white, soft white, natural light, daylight and cool white light.

It has great maneuverability too. You can swivel it from the base and the neck. Even the head of the lamp can be rotated through 90 degrees.

Aside from this lamp ticking all the boxes in terms of its ‘eye friendliness’, it is stylish (as far as I am concerned), it is sturdy (heavy base and full metal body) and while not the cheapest, it is a good value item. Other features include: night light, timer and even a USB port to charge your phone!

Phive CL-L LED Architect Lamp/Task Lamp with Clamp


Another great eye friendly lamp. Instead of a base, this has a clamp. So more for a desk or a work bench than a bed side table light.

Its patented defusion panel produces even, soft and diffused light. It has four 4 brightness levels. But no color adjustment with this one. This feature is available though on the more expensive Phive model though. (Click here if you want to see this one.)

In its design it is similar to the old angle poise lamp but with a modern twist. Like the angle poise lamp it is super maneuverable with a long adjustable arm and head that can be swiveled 180 degrees.

It doesn’t have the same features as the TaoTronics product above, but still produces a great light.


Lampat LED Desk Lamp

Back to a lamp with a base here.

The lamp is glare free so great for keeping the eyes relaxed. The head produces a wide beam angle.

It has 4 color modes (for reading, studying, relaxing and sleep) and five brightness modes.

Additionally, it ticks the box in term of flexibility as well. Its long arm can be moved towards or away from you on its base. The head of the lamp can be moved up and down too.

Its a modern design and as with the Teotronics product it has a USB port to charge your phone as well. The price of this model is not too steep either.

Let There Be Light!

So there you have it. Manufacturers of desk lamps are now designing their products with eye care in mind. And one of these three lamps will do that for you extremely well.

Before I finish I must add what really compliments a good light when you are working in front of a computer screen is a blue light screen protector. This will shield your eyes from harmful blue light emitted from your screen. You can read all about this product here.

If you do have any questions about these products, please leave a comment below and I will get back to you.

Taotronics TT DL16 LED Desk Lamp


6 Brightness Levels


5 Color Modes


USB Port



  • Glare Free Lighting
  • Large Lamp Head
  • High Maneuverability


  • Not the cheapest.

6 thoughts on “What Is The Best Desk Lamp For Eyes?”

  1. I was looking for a desk lamp for a while now, because I sometimes have to work at my desk with the light off (my family sleeps, so I don’t want to bother them). I would need a lamp that’s not very bright, since deep brightness kind of makes my eyes get tired. These 3 lamps you recommend all have really good prices, so I was thinking about the Otus Architect LED Desk Lamp because it has a relax mode. Judging after the name, that’s what I think I need. Thanks for the options

    • Thanks Heather for your comment. I think the relax mode is a good thing too. It gives your eyes a break from the bright light. 

  2. Hi, I am looking for a good desk light for working on my laptop.

    I think I have to choose the first one, the Tao Tronics lamp because I want to have a flexible base. 

    Colour change and brightness adjustment are possible too and I think the price is ok for a long time investment like this. It’s for my eyes and not just a bottle of expensive wine which can easily cost as much 🙂

    • Stefan, thanks for your comment. I agree that these lamps are long term investments. My eyes are valuable to me and a good lamp like the Taotronics product helps to keep my eyes relaxed. 

  3. Hi James – I believe we take our eyes for granted and don’t always do the best things for them.  I was happy to read your article about the best desk lamp for our eyes.  This is very helpful and insightful information. 

    And I was not aware of a blue light screen protector for your computer.  I will have to check out that post as well.

    Thanks for the information,


    • You’re welcome Michele. Yes, it is not always obvious the impact poor lighting conditions are having on our eyes. It is easier to blame it on looking at the screen too long. That may be part of the problem but not all. Thanks for your comment. 


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