How Does The Eyeque Test Product Work: The Eyeque

How Does The EyeQue Test Product Work?

The Eyeque Test Product is a small miniscope (which you attach to your smartphone) that enables you to test your own eyesight. Yep. That’s right. You no longer have to book an appointment, wait in line for someone who then asks you a series of questions about which out of two objects looks brighter to you. (I don’t know about you but I always struggle to know which is the brighter). Well, not if you want to test your eyesight between your usual eyesight tests anyway.When you have your eye glass numbers you can then order your new glasses and lenses online. From the comfort of your own home. Sounds great doesn’t it? So how does the EyeQue test product work exactly? In this post, I am mainly refer to the EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker product.

What Is It?

A picture of it is shown here.

How Does The Eyeque Test Product Work: The EyequeThat’s a relief because I would have a hard job describing it.

It is attached to your smartphone by way of an elastic strap. There are numbers at the top of the cylinder. You place one eye over the eye piece and you will see two parallel lines (one red and the other green ). Using plus and minus icons on your phone (via the Eyeque app) you merge the colors together to make one block of color (yellow). You then turn the top of the cylinder to the next number and repeat. Once you have gone through the numbers up to 9 for the one eye, you repeat the process for the other eye.

On the first occasion, you will need to carry out three tests to make sure the results are consistent (and to make sure you have been doing the test right!) Then you get the test results.

You can then order glasses (EyeQue recommend doing this through the Zenni Optical website) or online elsewhere (like See my review post on this website here).


How Does It Work?

It is a FDA class 1 registered ophthalmic does the eyeque test product work: eye chart with glasses

Say what??

I know these long words don’t help. Put simply, it measures the refractive error of your eyes.

Well, what’s a refractive error?

Refraction is the bending of light when it passes through an object. This occurs in the context of the eye when light passes through the cornea and the lens at the front of the eye. The error occurs because the shape of the eye prevents light from focusing at the back of the eye on the retina.

The device contains three precision optical lenses. The amount of movement required for the overlapping of the lines determines the refractive correction needed with eye glasses to get the eyes to focus correctly.

By carrying out the process at different angles, the device is able to provide spherical, cylindrical and axis numbers. While you don’t get a prescription as such (it is not a medical prescription) you get the same eye glass numbers that you would if you had undergone a test at your optical store.

If you want to read more about the science behind it and how it compares to an industry standard autorefractor, please click here.

The Eyeque Personal Vision Tracker with The Eyeque Insight

How Does It Rate?

I found that it was a bit fiddly to use to start with. You have to get used to looking through the eye piece with one eye and looking at an object in the distance with the other. I found it was much easier to use when I took the test in a darkened room. Though you can’t have it too dark as the non-tested eye needs to be able to look at something.

Once you get the hang of it, it is a doddle. You can whiz through the 9 settings for each eye. There is an automated guide taking you through the steps but this gets annoying after you have done 1 or 2 tests. I just mute this.

When I had done the test three times (you have to do this when you first start out) I was told my test results were inconsistent. I was able to e-mail Eyeque about this. I found their customer service very helpful. They came back to me promptly. I asked them to store the existing results so I could do a re-test.

How Does The Eyeque Product Work







The next time round the results were consistent. I think I had tilted the device rather than keep it straight which lead to inaccurate readings. After that, I didn’t have a problem.

There are some limitations of the device you have to be aware of:

  • It won’t provide you with a certification you would get from your eye doctor
  • For use by adults in the mid twenties or above
  • The readings won’t enable you to purchase contact lenses (though this can be done with the EyeQue Insight product. See below for more details). 
  • you will need to check if the device is compatible with your smart phone. It does seem to be compatible with a lot but you will need to check this first on the website.

How will it benefit me?

The main benefit is you can test your eyesight nearly anywhere (so long as you have an internet connection) and at any time.

The device is a relatively low cost device (click on the image above to check out its current price). There is a yearly subscription ($4.99) but this does not kick in until after the first year.

It is not designed to replace your yearly or 2 yearly test with your eye doctor but it does help you to keep an eye on your eyesight until your next test.

It is particularly useful if you are undertaking reduced lens therapy. (see how this works in my post here).

What else is there on the market?

Eyeque currently have two other eye testing products.

♦Firstly, there is the Vision Check. Coined as the next generation personal vision checker, this is automated (no need to twist the head of the unit). So the testing time should be faster.

♦Secondly, there is the Eyeque Insight. This is their top of the range instrument. With this you can test both your glasses and your contact lenses. Also, you can use it to test your children’s eyesight. It even has an animation character to take them through the test!

A real gem

The Eyeque Test Product is no replacement for your usual eyesight check. It can’t check the health of your eye (although I am sure that some day Eyeque will add that as a feature on their devices!).

However, the current device is still very useful for checking your eyesight between tests. It is even more useful when you are charting improvements in your eyesight as you undertake lens reduction therapy.

Why not buy one today?

==>click here to buy the Eyeque Personal Vision Tracker and Insight Bundle<==

Happy testing!

Thank you for reading my post. If you have any comments, please leave them below.




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  1. Thank you for sharing with us this great post with us on Eyeque Personal Vision Tracker.When it comes to eye problem,many people are concerned especially these days when many people are doing internet related work.

    This vision tracker is very useful because going to doctor for check up takes too much time and we can’t forget money they charge too.

    With this vision tracker,no need to see a doctor to tell me which lense i have to use.I will be my own doctor.Interesting

  2. I had no idea you could test your own eyesight, this concept is amazing! I hate going to the eye doctor just to get a prescription, and I’m a busy person. This makes life so much easier (and it looks fun too!). Technology is getting so advanced, and we now can do amazing things. I will definitely purchase this next time I need my eyes tested!

  3. Wow! This is a great gadget for anyone who’s either dealing with vision loss or recovering from corrective surgery like LASIK. I wonder whether it’s something people will be able to have synced up with their optometrist’s computers someday, like emailing a food diary over to a nutritionist. Thanks for telling us about something so innovative!

  4. This is such a neat device! I love that it connects to the iPhone and uses and app. I was quite surprised how affordable it is. If someone had to go without insurance for a while, this would be a much more affordable way to check their vision if they weren’t able to afford a regular visit. I know it’s not meant to replace a regular optometrist, but for a short while it would be a nice alternative.


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