Homiee Eye Massager Review

I don’t know about you but I am finding more and more my eyes feel strained at the end of the working day after staring at a screen all day. So I tried a few things out. Taking breaks from the screen. Yes, that helps. But I don’t always remember to do it. Especially if there is a deadline to meet. I don’t have time even to look up! What about cold compress? Yes, it is nice but I wanted something that actually gave my eyes a good massage. So that is why I looked on line for an eye massager. I purchased the Homiee Eye Massager. See below my Homiee Eye Massager Review to find out if this will help you relieve any eye tensions you are having.

What Do You Get?

In the box you get:

– The eye Massage Device

– USB charging cable

– Instruction Manual

– Storage Pouch.

The instruction manual is not great (it tells you not to use while driving?? it says nothing about not using it while using power tools so I guess it must be OK for that activity..Lol). It refers to ‘eye acid bilges’ as well…never heard of that before!

But the device is straightforward to use anyway. You just need to know what the functions on the device do and the manual show you this. Also, when you go through the options on the device by pressing the button, you are told what mode you are on. There is only one button so no difficulty there!

It is handy that it is cordless and charges quickly using the USB charging cable. You don’t have an annoying cable to adjust while trying to relax with your eyes closed.

The elasticated strap is adjustable and the pads you place your eyes and part of your face on are soft and comfortable. The device can be easily cleaned as well. I think it is a nice design but that is probably not a high priority when choosing what is the best eye massager for you!

How Does It Massage The Eyes?

The device has various ways of massaging the eyes:

Air pressure:

Air bags inflate and press against the eyes and around the eyes, targeting the eye muscles. This pressure is surprisingly strong and you feel sometimes like your face is being squeezed in a vice. But it is not overly strong and doesn’t last too long in one area of the face at a time. Homiee Eye Massager Review: Large dog's face being squashed

I feel it needs to be quite strong to give your face a good massage anyway. Although something to avoid if you have an eye condition. I think the air pressure function on this device is easily its best feature.

According to Wikipedia, resting the eyes is the only way to relax the eyes. But then it goes on to say that relaxing the facial muscles and neck muscles also helps. So surely closing your eyes for 15 minutes and having a good massage of your facial muscles leads to relaxed eyes.


A warm heat comes through the pads. It’s nice; it’s not too hot. I would say it is a similar feeling to putting a hot cloth on your eyes. Although this way it certainly saves on boiling a kettle every time you want to do this.

I like to have alternate between a cold compress (one I store in the fridge) and a hot compress.

I find on this device the heat is a bit patchy; the heat is only felt on certain parts of the pad. However, it is hot enough and you can adjust the strap so you can get the heat where you want to place it.


This works hand in hand with the air pressure really. It gives you a slight vibrating sensation. As the air pressure is already quite strong, though, I think if the vibration was strong as well it would be overpowering. However, I feel the vibration could be just that tiny bit stronger for it to be effective.

The device has various modes which has one or more of these functions; some with music (which I discuss further below). The modes are:

1. Integrated: air pressure + vibration +hot compress + music

2. Clear: air pressure + hot compress + music

3. Sleep: air pressure

4. Vitality: air pressure + vibration + music

5. Smart: hot compress + music

Each mode is 15 minutes in length.


There is integrated music. It’s not bad but after a few listens I had enough. Thankfully, you can turn it off or listen to music played on another device through Bluetooth. It was easy to set up. My mobile picked up its Bluetooth name and then I could hear my music coming from the eye massager device. No problem there.

It is good to have music coming from the device itself as it is a bit noisy with its motor going filling and then releasing air. This device is not something you can use with someone else in the same room as you; I find it quickly becomes annoying to them! Unless they are very understanding or have the same device as well!

The music does help you to get into that relaxing mood. Well, I guess it does depend on what music you are listening too as well.

Is It Any Good?

I think it is a decent product. It is not the very cheapest but I think it is good value for what you get. I do find my eyes are refreshed from using it and it is a good way to relax. I did find myself falling asleep the other day when I was using it.

On Amazon it has a rating of four stars and is an ‘Amazon Choice’ product. Some of the criticisms of the product people have who have purchased the product are that it does not give an even heat and the vibration does not add much.

I get that.

However, I think the air pressure function is great and that does the massaging work anyway – what the device is made for! I feel like the area around my eyes are being kneaded and flexed as I would expect a human massager would do.

The heat function is sufficient and I have a feeling of being relaxed after using it.

It compares well with other massagers in its price bracket. For example, it is similar to the Renpho eye massager which is a bit more expensive than the Homiee device. Having looked around at what it is on offer, I think to get a next level product you would have to spend double or even treble the price of this product.

Pros and Cons

The Homiee Eye Massager


  • The air pressure function works very well
  • Quick to charge and long battery life
  • Easy Bluetooth functionality


  • The noise with the air pressure function
  • Heat and vibrate function are not the strongest


A Worthwhile Product

So there you have it: for the price you are paying, it is easily worth the money. Check out the latest price for the Homiee Eye Massager here.

As I said it stacks up very well against similar priced products and some that are much more expensive. You would have to invest quite a bit more money in order to get a more superior product. So don’t forget to check out this Homiee ( I had to get it in somewhere – the name was too good to pass up!) when looking for an eye massager!

Check out this recent review left on Amazon about this product:

Homiee Eye Massager Review

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Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

Homiee Eye Massager


Air Pressure







  • Air Pressure is Great
  • Quick to charge and long battery life
  • Bluetooth included


  • The noise
  • Heat a bit uneven
  • Vibration could be stronger

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  1. Oh, this is a very nice post you have here in your platform. You know, I have never really thought that there was anything called an eye massager. It’s very nice to learn something new like this. The product looks very exotic by the way and the price matches just the value that one will get from the product after looking at the cons you have written. That’s pretty nice. I’m glad to have gone through this post. I would buy this very soon.

  2. Hello there,thanks for sharing this awesome article i know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me…i haven’t tried  this product yet but i have a lot of friends who has already but i was still looking for more proof of its worthiness and i think this article has given what i need.

  3. I too find my eyes starting to give a problem after staring at the computer for my studies and online business. I think this eye massager should be recommended for anyone that stays on their screets that long.

     I have never come across one but from what I have just read here it looks like there is so much packed in that small item when I saw the picture of it I was even amazed, seem to me it would be like some big thing you out over your head like a helmet. This is a really interesting item and I hope I’ll get one like this very soon. 

    • Thanks Donny for your comment. No,it’s not so big like a helmet and it is quite lightweight too. Yes, I recommend it to help with eye strain after a long day in front of a screen. 

  4. Oh, thank you! I really mean it, nowadays during the quarantine I spend most of my times behind the screen. And always feel tired and stressed. I tried to distract myself but it is not working.
    I believe Homiee Eye Massager will help me relieve any eye tensions I’m having.

    Thank you again really for that product, Looking forward to buying it. cheers!

  5. What a concept!  I have eye strain and the muscles around my eyes especially the area above the eye and below the upper eye socket are pained.  I try to massage the area myself but it really does not help too much.  This sounds like a great solution for someone like me who could get relief from this innovative product.  I will definitely check this out and see how I do, the strain can really be terrible at the end of the day. 

    • I hear what you are saying Robert. There are eye relaxation techniques which you can try like palming and using hot and cold cloths alternatively over your eyes (hydrotherapy). But I find the Homiee eye massager will give your eyes a great massage. You just put it on and off you go..no need to get anything else like hot and cold water and cloths like you need for hydrotherapy. It’s effective too. Thanks for commenting. 


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