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Eyebuydirect Eyeglasses Reviews – Not Just Another One.

There are many Eyebuydirect Eyeglasses Reviews on Google. Overall, they are positive. I don’t want to bore you with a long list of review web sites to try. Instead, in this post – Eyebuydirect Eyeglasses Reviews –  I want to give you an unbiased run down of my personal experience of using Eyebuydirect.com.

The Website Navigation

The website is a breeze to navigate. There is plenty of choice with a wide range of styles and shapes of glasses for men, Eyebuydirect Eyeglasses Reviews: A Compasswomen and children. There are a wide arrays of lenses too (such as bifocal, progressive, transition and even those to protect against blue light (digital screen protection)). By the way, If you’re interested, I have written a post about why we need to protect against blue light. Please click here to view.

I think the main issues people are put off buying prescription glasses on line are:

  1. The frames will look different from what they look like on the screen
  2. The size of the frames will be wrong
  3. Potential to make a mistake with the prescription

I will respond in turn to each of these concerns below:

1. The frames will look different from what they look like on the screen:

Not to worry.

The website has a ‘try on’ feature. You can try the glasses on virtually by uploading your photo. I found this to be accurate too. When I received my glasses I had no surprises about them being a totally different shape to what I had ordered.

2. The size of the frames will be wrong:

Again, no need to worry about this.

The site has a tutorial on frame measurements. Also, you can check out the dimensions for each pair of glasses when you click on their respective images.

3. Mistakes with the Prescription:

If you have a current prescription, you can easily input the numbers from this into the website. The website has a glossary of terms explaining what each number and reference on your prescription means. So you will not be in the dark there.

If your renewal prescription is not up for, say, another one year but are curious if the prescription is still accurate, consider the Eyeque Personal Vision Tracker. I have written a review on that too and can be viewed here.

In addition to this, if for some reason you don’t get what you expected, there is a 14 day ‘fit and style’ guarantee. So if you return them within that time, you will get your money back with no questions asked about why.

This is separate from Euybuydirect’s 356 day guarantee in the event there is a defect with the material or workmanship of your glasses.

Cost Eyebuydirect Eyeglasses Reviews: a case of cash

The cost of the glasses is very reasonable. The prescription lenses are markedly a lot cheaper than when bought from a regular optical store. For me personally I reckon that it was in the region of a third of the normal price.

I usually order lenses that have been thinned as well which are much more expensive than the standard lenses. These also can be purchased through Eyebuydirect.com for a lot cheaper than the normal store price.

While I had not bought a pair of branded glasses through the site, I was impressed by the appearance and build quality of the pair I had bought. They fitted well too and I didn’t require a visit to an optical store for re-adjustment.

So good value and no hassle.


The glasses are manufactured in China. No surprise there given the reasonable value of the product. However, as I said above the quality has not been compromised.

The website says delivery will be between 7 and 14 business days after placing an order. I recall my glasses arrived in the region of 7 working days. So I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly they came considering how far they were coming from.

If you are ordering from the US, they will be delivered by USPS. When ordering from Canada, it will be coming via Canada Post. And if you are in Australia it will be delivered by the Australian Post.

But if you are ordering from anywhere else in the world, they will be delivered by UPS. I live in the UK so the UPS delivered my glasses.

This is the one small criticism I had with the whole process. I must stress that this is not a criticism of Euybuydirect. There is an import tax to pay and this has to be cash and it has to be the exact amount! Paying import taxes is unavoidable unfortunately. The UPS delivery person wouldn’t provide me with change. So remember if delivery is by UPS, you or someone else has to be in to pay this exact amount of tax or you won’t get your glasses! Or, you will have to re-arrange delivery for another time.

There is a tracking service for you to keep an eye on where your glasses are in the delivery process. So for next time I will use this to check when the glasses are going to be delivered so I have the exact cash to hand. Also, during this time I was in contact with Eyebuydirect’s customer services by e-mail and I found them to be helpful and responsive.

==>EyeBuyDirect.com is able to provide high quality eyeglasses at prices starting at $6, lenses included!<==

How it Compares to Buying Glasses at an Optical Store

Eyebuydirect Eyeglasses Reviews: A Selection of Glasses

Personally I think this is the future of how we will be buying our glasses. That’s the near future too.

As I said above, there is already a device to check your eyesight (the Eyeque Peronal Vision Tracker). While there isn’t a device available yet to check the health of your eyes, I’m sure the production of such a device is not far off. So soon the whole process (prescription, health check and choosing glasses) could be done at home.

For now, I find it hard myself to pick out a good pair of glasses at the optical store. That’s why I prefer looking through the wide choice of glasses on Eyebuydirect from the comfort of my desk chair. It’s true that some stores can provide an express service and provide you glasses on the same day as the order. However, if you don’t require your glasses that quickly, it is hard to beat Eyebuydirect in terms of quality and service.

A Happy Customer

Overall then I was a very satisfied customer. I will use Eyebuydirect’s services again and recommend their site to others looking for quality made glasses.

If you have any comments about this post, please leave them below and I will come back to you. Thanks.



Choice of Styles


Ease of Use of Website





  • Well Constructed Glasses
  • 2 Guarantees
  • Great Price


  • Not for you if you need them quickly

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