Can I improve my night vision: car headlight

Can I Improve My Night Vision?

Do you notice your eyesight is not as good at night? Get further information below on ways to improve your night vision. You may be of a certain age, like me, that growing up you were told by your elders to eat your carrots. Why? Because they said carrots help you see in the dark. Looking back, it seems a strange thing to say to a child. I would say, “why do I need to see in the dark? Isn’t that what lights are for?” Besides as a child I didn’t do many nighttime activities anyway. It turns out that carrots, by virtue of their Vitamin A levels, do assist your eyes’ general health and so may help in some way to helping you see in the dark. But in answer to the question, “can I improve my night vision?” l talk about some of the options below.

Your EyesightCan I improve my night vision: carrots

It probably goes without saying that if you have poor eyesight during the day, it ain’t going to get any better at night!

Indeed the pupils get larger at night as they search for more light. In doing so, the light entering the eyes refracts differently than in daylight.

I know myself in the past being shocked in the difference between seeing with and seeing without my prescription glasses at night. Looking at far off traffic looked like a haze of twinkling lights! (By the way I wasn’t driving at the time!).

So what do you do?

You may want to take the conventional route to sorting this out. Have an eye exam and (almost) inevitably be given a stronger prescription. Or you could consider something called reduced lens therapy. In a nutshell, this is using weaker prescription glasses to re-train your eyes.

You could consult a behavioral optometrist about this [click here to read my post on finding one near you]. But I also talk about reduced lens therapy in more detail in a previous post. Click here to read that post.

Eye Relaxation & Exercises

It may be that your eyes are just strained and/or fatigued.

A great way of refreshing the eyes is to do some palming. Essentially, this is covering your closed eyes with cupped hands and resting your elbows on a table in a comfortable position. This can be done for around five to ten minutes at a time.

One of the best eye exercises I know is what is called the fusion string technique. This is set out in Martin Sussman’s The Program for Better Vision. This helps your eyes’ ability to change focus from different points. Also, it helps the mind to co-ordinate better with the eyes.

You can make the fusion string yourself. You just need a 7-foot-long piece of string with 10 beads six inches apart. One end is attached to a wall at just below eye level. I recommend larger beads if you are very short-sighted so that you will be able to see all the beads without your glasses more easily. Alternatively, you can purchase a ready-made fusion string from Amazon.

I won’t go into detail here about the exercise ( I recommend buying the book by the way!) but it involves looking down the line of beads. As your gaze shifts from one bed to the other, you will see the illusion of two strings instead of one.

When I have done this exercise, my eyes feel like they have ‘worked out’ but also feel refreshed.

Food & Supplementscan I improve my night vision: supplements

As discussed above, eating the right foods might help out especially if there is a deficiency in Vitamin A and Zinc. So together with carrots, high doses of Vitamin A can be obtained through eating such foods as leafy greens, tuna and sweet potatoes. Zinc can be obtained through eating such foods as red meat, beans and seeds.

Of course you could take a supplement if you don’t eat enough of these foods.

On the topic of supplements, apart from Vitamin A and Zinc there are some others that you can try. I was very interested to read an experiment the BBC did in conjunction with the Waterford Institute of Technology in Ireland on the effects of the macula when taking a supplement. If you want to read about this yourself, click here.

The macula is part of the retina at the back of the eye. It’s important as it provides our central vision. There are certain compounds (lutein, zeaxanthin and meso-zeaxanthin) which provide a shield to the macula from harmful UV light.

Anyway, the BBC presenter took the supplement for 12 weeks. His eyes had been tested before he started to take the supplements and after. The results showed that there was a marked difference in his perception of the colors yellow and blue BUT also his night vision!

By the way, look for supplements containing this formula:

Lutein – 10mg

Meso-zeaxanthin – 10mg

Zeaxanthin – 2mg.

You can also read my review on these types of supplements here (for the US market) and here (for the UK market).

Night Driving Glasses & Visors

I think driving at night is particularly hard for those who suffer from poor night vision. The glare of the headlights of the oncoming traffic can be almost blinding.

One solution to this is to wear night driving glasses. Look out for those that are polarized and have an anti-glare coating for maximum effectiveness. If you need to wear prescription glasses when driving, you can also purchase night driving glasses that fit over the prescription ones.

Alternatively, you could purchase a night anti-glare visor. A number of these visors are 2-in-1 too so they block out the glare of the sun in the day time as well as blocking out glare from lights at night.

So it is well worth considering one of these products if you are struggling to see while driving at night. I know over a long journey, my eyesight can feel strained and tired if I have spent that time trying to divert my gaze from strong headlights.

Night Vision Improvements

So there are options out there for improving your night vision. For me, the supplements seem a good idea. I have started to take one a day now. Also, the products that help with nighttime driving are especially useful for being safe on the road and reducing eye strain.

Thanks for reading this post. I do hope you have found it useful. If you do have any comments, please leave them below and I will come back to you.

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  1. Thanks for the timely article. I am soon gonna have issues with my eyes because I can feel it. My parents and younger sister already are wearing medicated glasses and my dad suffers from astigmatism and glaucoma . so I guess its inherent. Well from this article I have hope of at least delaying the doom lol. And I really never knew that there was anything wrong with not seeing well at night nor was there anything like night driving glasses . thanks again 

    • Your welcome. If you are interested, I have done an article on astigmatism (click here for that). I wouldn’t say  nearsightedness is inherited. Both my mum and dad had good distance vision but I ended up being short sighted. If I was in your position, I would look into eye exercises to keep your eye sight sharp and not get dependent on prescription glasses. 

  2. Great article there. I find this article so full of information and educative on how to improve  my night vision .

    before now I don’t know that there is eye exercise.i have a problem of not been able to see clearly at night,that is the main reason I can’t drive at night. with all this process you list in this article I will like to follow it in my day to day activities to see improvement. Thanks for the writeup

  3. I appreciate your review. Have been having issues with my sight lately. I will have to relax and exercise my eyes as stated in your article. Sometimes my vision at times not really clear when looking afar. I am sure this your article is really helpful.  really appreciate this. Thanks alot. 

    • No problem. Yes, see how you get on with eye exercises. Also you could consider eye supplements. I have written a review of these (click here for the US version or here for the UK version). Best of luck!

  4. Hi,  

    The idea of yours is great . Many of us of different ages have different problems regarding the eyes.  Vitamin A is a great help for the eyesight.  Daily intake of Vitamin A helps to improve vision.  Carrots are enriched with Vitamin A.  

    Thanks for sharing



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