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5 Blue Light Computer Screen Filters [A Review]


With many people spending 8 hours of their working day in front of a computer screen, that is  a lot of exposure to blue light. What is so wrong with blue light anyway: we get it in natural light anyway, right? Well, it is not the same. Read on to discover more about the dangers of blue light emitted from your PC screen. Also discover below about what makes the best blue light computer screen filters.

What Does It Do?

It’s just a bit of plastic (acrylic to be more precise) that hangs off your screen, right?

Well, yeah but it is a lot more than this.

It also blocks out blue light rays. They are part of the visible light spectrum. They have the shortest wavelength but the highest energy.

What Is So Wrong With Blue Light?

It can harm our eyes.

Not good news for us trying to keep our eyes relaxed as much as possible.

As I say a lot in this web site, one of the founding principles of maintaining and then going on to improve your eyesight is keeping the eyes relaxed at all times. Check out my post: reduce computer eye strain and make a big step forward. 

If you spend a lot of time in front of a monitor or other electronic device, the blue light problem issue needs to be addressed.

It is emitted from most LED sourced electronic devices like TVs, mobiles, monitors and tablets.

The eyes natural defenses (Ocular Lens Pigment (OLP) and melanin) can offer some protection against Blue Light but it is not complete. What proportion of the Blue Light that does get through, hits the retina at the back of the eye.

What is perhaps even more surprising is pre-teenage children do not have OLP present in their eyes. We are not born with it. Although they have melanin present in their eyes, they don’t have the same natural defenses to filter out Blue Light as adults.

So even more vital to do something about Blue Light if your children are using a computer on a regular basis for extended periods.

Over extended periods in front of these devices, eye strain and eye fatigue develops and users experience a lack of sleep. Some experts even believe this could be a cause of macular degeneration over the years.


But don’t take my word for it. Look at the research carried out and published in the International Journal of Ophthalmology here.

So, this blue light is serious stuff. Not to be taken lightly.

The Criteria For The Best Blue Light Computer Screen Filter

  1. It has to work! It has to block out the HEV (High Energy Visible) Blue Light and UV light.
  2. Acrylic/plastic material rather that a stick on film. It is easier to attach and no risk of bubbles forming on the screen.
  3. It preserves the quality of the picture. So no glare or fading of color allowed.

The Best Blue Light Computer Screen Filters


#1 Product:  Anti-Blue Light Vizomax Filter Computer Monitor/TV Screen




So against the criteria set above, let’s see how this product fares:

  1. It blocks 99.6% of the highest energy blue light and 60% of the entire blue light spectrum. It also cuts out 100% of UV. So it works!
  2. Yest it is made of acrylic and the manufacturer says it is nearly indestructible optical grade acrylic at that.
  3. It provides up to 82% visible light transmittance. So still allowing the other light in enabling you to see what is on the screen.


#2 Product: Mosiso Computer Blue Light Blocking Screen Protector


Let’s see how this one stacks up against the criteria:

  1. Again blocks out the harmful light: it can reduce the short wave blue light with wavelength between 420nm and 460nm up to 45%
  2. Yes it is made of acrylic. It just sits on top of the screen as shown above. Do make sure though that it is the correct size for your screen.
  3. It boasts an impressive 95% clear transparency.


#3 Product: Vizoblue Stop Anti-Blue Light Filter For Computer Monitor


Can this match up to the other two, let’s see:

  1. Yes, it works: cuts out 100% UV light and up to 60% of the blue light with wavelength between 380nm and 480mn.
  2. Heavy duty plastic
  3. It preserves the picture quality and definition.

Check out this review on Amazon:

Blue light filter review



#4 Product: EZ Pro Screen Protector, Anti-Blue light Screen Filter

Is this any good? Let’s see:


  1. Blocks out 99% of UV and blocks out harmful blue light with wavelength of between 380nm and 490nm.
  2. Plastic (unspecified)
  3. Glare may be an issue when the contents on screen are dark and there is a light on in the room.


#5 Product: Bozaboza Acrylic Anti Blue Light Screen Protector

Last put not least, let’s see how this one does:

  1. It cuts out 99% of UV light, 98.7% of blue light between the wavelengths of  380 to 500nm
  2. High grade acrylic
  3. It maintains the brightness but glare may be an issue depending on the light in the room.

So here is a round up of these great blue light filters:

Product Does It Work? Material Glare Issues?
Vizomax Yes: blocks 99.6% HEV and 100% UV Optical Grade Acrylic No- 82% visible light transmittance
Mosiso Yes: the harmful range of blue light up to 45% Acrylic No - 95% clear transparency
Vizoblue Yes: up to 60% of the harmful range of blue light Heavy Duty Plastic No
EZ Pro Blocks out the harmful range of blue light and 97% of UV Plastic May be some glare issues depending on the light in the room
Bozaboza 98.7% of the harmful range of blue light and 99% of UV High Grade Acrylic Glare may be an issue depending on the light in the room

Alternatives to Screen Protectors

Anti-Blue Light glasses:

these are an alternative to a Blue Light blocking screen panel. Probably though an option for those of us who don’t wear glasses already for close up work. There are a variety of styles of glasses on the market and they don’t have to have that strange yellowish tint to the lenses if you don’t want to look like Bono!

Great if you are using a number of electronic devices throughout the day; you don’t have to get an anti-blue light blocking panel for each device!

Anti-Blue Light clip on glasses:

this is an option for those of us who do wear glasses. Again, these can be bought with tinted or clear lenses.

While these glasses and clip on glasses do cut out a high proportion of Blue Light, the highest proportion I can find that a pair of these glasses or clip on glasses can block out is 90%. Again this would not cut out 90% of all blue light. This would be 90% of those wavelengths at the highest range of Blue Light rays.

A Wise Investment For The Eyes

So, if you are staring into one particular computer screen for hours on end and you are looking for assurance that all the most harmful parts of Blue Light are being blocked, consider a blue light computer screen filter.

This is particularly important if children in your household are using this computer on a regular basis.

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Vizomax Anti-Blue Light Filter


Filters Blue Light


Reduces Eye Fatigue


Sharper Colors



  • Its Filtering Power
  • Color Maintenance
  • Easy Installation


  • Can Make The Screen More Reflective
  • Quite Expensive But Good Price When Compared To Similar Products
  • Need To Check Specific Size Requirements

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  1. I know I need a screen filter of some type; after hours of working on my blog, my eyes feel dry and tired. We’re so used to our technology, but staring at our computers, ipads, and phones all day isn’t natural and it can’t be good for our vision.

    • Hi Laurie. Thanks for your comment. You’re right it’s not natural and I don’t think many appreciate the long term impact on the eyes. These items that block the blue light are a good investment for our health if you think about it!


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