Best Wireless Eye Massager For Sore Eyes

All that used to be on the market until recently for a heated eye mask were those with pouches you could heat up in the microwave.Or you could have tried a couple of cucumber slices. Bit on the cool side though. How things have moved on by 2020! While you can still buy those old school eye masks, now you can also buy these astronaut inspired ( I don’t know if they are but they look like it anyway) hi-tech eye massagers.  A lot have many functions (hot, vibration, massage and some even play relaxing music) but when it comes down to it, all we want to know is can they do the main job and which is the best wireless eye massager.

What Are They Good For

After a hard day of staring at a computer screen, tablet or mobile your eyes need some pampering. Now just shutting your eyes and going to sleep won’t do it.

The eyes need to be put into a relaxed state first. Otherwise, come morning time your eyes feel like they are suffering from a hangover.

Well, mine do anyway.

I do repeat myself a lot I know on this site but I’ll say it again anyway. Keeping the eyes relaxed and without strain is one of the foundations I believe for maintaining and improving nearsightedness.

If they are constantly under stress, there will be little improvement.

So, this is where the wireless eye massager comes in.

When you put on your eye massager, it works away at your eyes going through one of the programs.

This could be a heating session which stimulates blood circulation around the eye. Or could even involve a messaging action. This could be by way of air pressure or vibration. When the particular cycle is over (usually lasting only 15 minutes) your eyes should feel wonderfully fresh and relaxed.

What The Best Wireless Eye Massager Should Have

I believe the best wireless eye massager must have these five essentials:

1. Cordless/Wireless
2. Strap and mask need to be comfortable
3. Lightweight
4. An effective hot function
5. A good massage function

#1. It has to be cordless/rechargeable. I find nothing relaxing about having to tilt my head in an awkward way so that I can be close enough to a power socket.

#2. The strap and the mask have to feel comfortable, adjustable and not slip off. You don’t want to spend your session holding the mask in place. Again that would not be conducive to a relaxing experience.

#3. The mask has to be light enough. The mask can’t be heavy that you feel you have to apply effort to pull up your head. With a heavy mask you might get relaxed eyes but then you have to sort out your sore neck!

#4. The heat function has to give out sufficient heat that you can feel it but it can’t get too hot.

#5. The massage function should be firm but not too strong. When you take it off you don’t want to feel like you gone 12 rounds with Deontay Wilder!

The Shortlist

All of my shortlist are under $100 except one. There are others (not in the shortlist) that are several hundreds of dollars but I don’t think you need to spend that much to get a quality product that does the job. These in the shortlist do meet the criteria set out above.

While they are not cheap (compared to the microwaveable ones) they should last a long time. So you should get your money’s worth over the lifetime of the product.

First Up

So the first on my top 4 is the Osito Rechargeable Eye Massager. This meets all the criteria above.

1. Cordless
2. Sturdy design with an adjustable strap
3. Lightweight at 800g
4. A good temperature at 37 to 43 degrees C.
5. A good massage function with vibration and air pressure.

In addition, it has a built in speaker. You can download your own music to listen to while you enjoy your session.




The second product is the Skandas Eye Massager 2020 model. This is the most expensive of all the shortlisted products.

1. It is naturally wireless
2. It is well cushioned and has adjustable straps
3. It is lighter than the Osito at 700g
4. On the thermal mode it heats up to 25 degrees C.
5. Massage is provided through air pressure and vibration

You can also download music to the device and listen in stereo with its two integrated speakers. It even comes with a 10 year warranty!



Next is the Bromose Foldable Eye Massager. The cheapest product on my list. However, it is not short on quality.

1. No wires
2. It has a foldable 180 degrees design and adjustable straps
3. Only 320g!
4. Up to 42 degrees on the heat function
5. Massage through air pressure and vibration. Its air pressure function is generally considered better than its heat function

Again, you can also listen to music through the device. It can connect to your phone via Bluetooth.

Last Up

The last in the shortlist is the Eneacro Electric Eye Massager.

1. Rechargeable and no cables
2. 180 degrees folding, adjustable strap and inner section made from breathable leather
3. Only 294.8g!
4. A nice 40 degree heating action
5. Air pressure and vibration functions

Like the Bromose product, you can also listen to your own music on this device by connecting to your phone via Bluetooth. It also comes with a one year warranty and the manufacturers even say that satisfaction is guaranteed!


The Winner Is…

My choice out of the four is the Eneacro. It is a reasonable price, great design but also comfortable and full of features.

Why not click here and treat yourself to this excellent heated eye mask today!

Another Great Tool

Any one of these four though would make a great wireless eye massager. They are just what you need if you want to get your eyes relaxed and feeling refreshed in as little time as 15 minutes.

Eneacro Electric Eye Massager


Heat Action


Air Pressure





  • No Cables
  • Well Cushioned
  • Music Function


  • Can't think of any!

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  1. This is superb and fantastic 

    i think its time i also get my eye mask

    i always love to read all of your writing and this one is no exception because your articles are very helpful and informativeI reallylove the way you outlined the reviews I must say this is an eye opener; I cannot help but agree with everything that you have written in this review

  2. Hi James, really interesting article. 

    My full-time job is office based which means I’m looking at screen for eight hours of the day. After work my eyes really hurt and even when i close them to go to sleep. 

    I’m really interested to try one of these masks to see if the heat system will make a difference. 

    I think I might go with your winning suggestion ‘Zerovida’ to see if that can help me. 

    Thanks for listing these out. 


    • Hi Jamie. Thanks for your comment. I don’t think you can go wrong with that heated eye mask. It is full of features and a reasonable price.

  3. This is so cool! I’m in the beauty industry and had no idea that a product like this existed! How amazing that you can actually listen to music AND get a nice little massage while applying heat to the eyes. 

    I wonder, would these products be at all helpful for migraines? I have tried lots of things to help with headaches and nothing has worked that well. 

    Thanks for such a great review!



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