Best Sea Buckthorn For Dry Eyes

Sea Buckthorn is another super food that may have benefits for the eyes. I say ‘may’ as there is no scientific research that I know of that shows definite benefits. However, the limited research done so far is promising (discussed below). It is contained in a number of products now for varying uses (such as … Read more

Eyebuydirect vs Zenni

Both and are widely regarded as two of the top providers of prescription glasses on the internet. But when it is Eyebuydirect vs Zenni, which site comes out on top?

As a purchaser of prescription glasses from both companies, I give my experience of both below and say from which company I will be ordering from in the future.

I list below the questions I think most people pose when ordering prescription glasses online to gain assurance that they will get just as good a product as from their optical store.

Let’s see which out of the two can give better answers.

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